Abdominal Massage for Fertility, Detox & Digestion

New FHT Collaboration!

We are delighted to be running this training as a one day course for members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). We will cover detox, digestion, the intelligence of the Intestines & the wisdom of the Hara, self care massage, and women’s health – fertility, menstrual cycle and menopause.

This highly effective massage treatment combines techniques from energy work, acupressure and breath work, together with myofascial release and lymphatic drainage, to support optimum fertility and reproductive health.

Focusing on the abdominal organs, it is a deeply relaxing and restoring treatment that promotes a sense of peace, calm and wellbeing as well as supporting detoxification of the digestive, reproductive and eliminatory systems, and helping reduce inflammation.

This deeply relaxing and restoring treatment that can be useful at any time in our life. It is beneficial not only for fertility, but also menstrual issues, the menopause, improving digestion and detoxification of the abdominal organs and supporting the integrity of the pelvic floor.

You learn self care techniques for you, as well as how to teach your clients to care for themselves, drawing both from latest research and from principles that reach back to ancient Taoist traditions. It’s a great preparation for the spring, when the energy of the Liver is at the height of renewal and detoxification.

We include study of the digestion, the enteric nervous system, and how our organs respond to emotions and stress (the intelligence of the belly), which is important for holistic well-being and for abdominal health. You also learn how to select appropriate types of oils, how to make and use a compress, now teach self care techniques to your clients and to care for yourselves. 

Suitable for all levels of experience from student to professional massage therapist and also of interest to those working in pregnancy and birth.


I feel so satisfied and nourished, enriched and better educated on a personal and professional level. Wonderful course, wonderful teacher”. Thank You! Rona, Acupuncturist.

The theory and practical were very interesting and offered a different perspective on health/self care and self worth

A truly wonderful way to deepen understanding of yourself and learn to look after yourself, giving your body the respect and appreciation you deserve”.

This course not only earns you CPD points with FHT but is a lovely opportunity to get in touch with the core of ourselves, to explore the belly and how to massage it deeply but safely & gently, with the due respect deserved by one of our most personal and powerful body areas. You will learn touch techniques to perform both on yourselves and on others, through the clothing and also directly on skin using oils. 

Thai massage, Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang are incorporated. We learn about energy work and principles of abdominal massage that reach back to ancient Taoist traditions. Also about the importance of good digestion, and the enteric nervous system, (the intelligence of the belly), and how our organs respond to emotions and stress. 

More about Eastern Abdominal Massage:

Known also as Hara Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, and Ampuku, there is no clear delineation between Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or other traditional Asian styles. Each borrows from the other so that it is hard to define which is which!

The belly is a revered centre of personal energy in all Buddhist cultures, we only need to see the likenesses of Buddha and his sometimes enormous belly to get an insight into this! Martial artists are familiar with centering in their Hara, with awareness of the Dan Tien or One Point area. Cultivating the power of this area is what eastern martial disciplines rely upon for their quick wit, power and effectiveness. It is the centre of our energy from where our instinctive responses stem, a place where we connect to ourselves, away from the chatter of the mind.

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