Advanced Thai Massage Diploma

The Advanced Thai Massage Diploma course is suitable for graduates of the Thai Yoga Massage Diploma, or for practitioners with a comparable level of training. 

Come along to this three day course and learn some new techniques to enliven your repertoire, and also to deepen your understanding of the techniques you are already familiar with, so you can tailor your treatments accurately and appropriately. Subjects covered will be tailored to the needs of the group but here is a guide to possibilities:

  • Using our feet effectively
  • Metta – Thai Massage as Spiritual Practice 
  • The Dance of Thai Massage
  • Understanding shoulder & hip tension
  • How to treat during Pregnancy

Next Glasgow course: To be confirmed for 2021  please click here to register for the newsletter & be kept up to date on upcoming courses.    

Cost: £195 per person. (Single days can be attended for £65 per day – please request) 

All enquiries welcome. 

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Touching the Earth

‘The harvest moon has come,
Booming softly through heaven, like a bassoon.
And the earth replies all night, like a deep drum…’ 
~ Ted Hughes, ‘Harvest Moon’

In the Chinese five element theory late summer is the season of Earth element, which represents ‘manifestation’. In the turning of the seasons plants grow from seed in winter, to sprout in spring, to flower in summer and finally in late summer growth comes to fruition and we have our harvest, both of crops and of fruits & nuts of the tress and hedgerow.

Likewise with our day to day lives, the completion of the process of creativity is the manifestation of the final product. And within ourselves; the mind, emotions and spirit exist because they are manifest in the living, physical body.

I teach my students how to touch without causing pain or flinching, by first exploring how to crawl softly on the floor, leaning bodyweight on the Earth, discovering how it is that gravity keeps us connected to the Earth. We transfer this understanding to our technique; leaning on our client, their body becomes our Earth, our support and we relax into this. This is the mechanism by which Shiatsu and Thai Massage allows both giver and receiver to feel more deeply in touch with the body and the Earth, to feel more grounded and supported, to feel more ourselves and how we are manifest.
by Lucy Trend. 10th September 2020.

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