Practise Class

714E7B0F-0BD5-4704-BCFB-454008F7AD48_1_201_aOpen to anyone who has attended a training course at STMTS or Wellmother – all students are welcome to come along and practise their skills. The class will be lead by a teacher (or assistant teacher) who will open with a short warm up session, after which students will practise or revise their chosen techniques on each other. (Please note the teacher is present for guidance only, this is not a taught class). Click here to book

Palace of rest HG 8


These monthly practise classes are held on a Saturday 10:30-12:30 at STMTS. Click here to book.

2019: 19th October, 16th November, 14th December. 2020: 25th January & 22nd Feb 2020. £15 per class.