Thai Massage Summer Saturdays

Are you an adventurous massage therapist wishing to explore the wonderful possibilities of Thai bodywork techniques? Or a curious yogi or dancer wanting to get hands on? Or an experienced Thai therapist looking for new inspiration?

Come and help us warm up our new, larger, sunny studio in Charing Cross! It’s time for some summer fun exploring the possibilities of Thai Massage techniques:

  • Each day runs 10am-4.45pm and will incorporate elements of: 
  • Warm up session – pairs yoga
  • Learning new, inspiring techniques
  • Spontaneity and Fun
  • Exploring and understanding their benefits through Somatic experiences
  • Spiritual Practice – Metta Meditation (Loving Kindness)
  • Playtime price: only £75 per day of fun!
  • Location: Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training Scotland, 72 Berkeley St., Glasgow G3 7PH

Flying Thai Yoga Massage! (Acro-Thai) Saturday 13th August 2022 10am-4.45pm

Our students have had so much fun on these training days and have requested a flying Thai yoga play date, where we can explore some of the lifting techniques and ‘flying moves’. These are surprisingly easy and safe – using tonic and leverage rather than strength. Lucy and Freya will be showing a few of these more unusual techniques of Thai Massage, and you can come along just for fun, or you can really explore how they can integrate into your treatments to wow your more adventurous clients. Usually Thai massage is about ‘letting go’ but with these moves, the trick is not to let go!

Two for One! – Adapting for Pregnancy. next running Thursday 20th October. (trained therapists only): This is a little more grounded and specific. We can’t be too careful with our pregnant client so you’ll be getting specialist information about how to safely adapt your treatment for a two-for-one! You’ll need to have a qualification to register for this training day. It is suitable for certified Massage, Shiatsu, or Thai Massage therapists. It is a standalone training day and also it forms the introduction to the 4 day specialist pregnancy training. If you continue to the full training you’ll even be qualified to treat the 3 for 1! (If the numbers are confusing you, I’m talking twins)! Read more about it here:

Cost: £75 per day (except pregnancy day is £90 with certificate) All enquiries welcome  

Thai Massage with the Feet: Sorry you missed the summer 2022 run! Look out in our newsletter for 2023 dates. After flying, come back down to Earth and learn how to apply some of the best Thai stretching and pressing techniques but with the feet! These skills can be performed incredibly gently for more delicate work, as well as with deep pressure for the sturdier client who benefits from powerful dynamic techniques. You will have plenty of time to practise and explore how these techniques can integrate into your treatments and give a new experience for your clients, and rest your wrists and hands at the same time!

Table Thai – taking it higher! Sorry you missed the summer 2022 run! Look out in our newsletter for 2023 dates: We’ll be learning techniques that can be adapted for the massage couch, and integrated into an oil massage. Northern style Thai Yoga Massage usually takes place on a mat, on the floor, but there is plenty of scope to integrate these moves into a Swedish or deep tissue session. Will we be bringing oil to Thai massage? Or will we be bringing Thai to the oil massage? Let’s explore the best of both, so which ever world you come from, we’ll be meeting in the middle. Let’s get dynamic – stretch to impress!

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