Thai Massage Summer Training Sessions

Thai Massage Summer Training Sessions Are you an experienced Thai therapist? Or a bold massage therapist? Or a curious yogi who wishes to break out of their usual routine and explore the wonderful possibilities of Thai bodywork techniques? Come and join us!

Due to popularity a new date has been announced for Saturday 14th August 2021: Thai Massage Play Date.

Summer fun – it’s time to explore the possibilities, play with Thai Massage techniques!

  • Each day will incorporate elements of: 
  • Spontaneity
  • Fun
  • Exploration
  • Spiritual Practice – Metta
  • Somatic experience
  • Understanding what it does
  • Daily warm up session
  • 10am-4.45pm

Saturday 14th August 2021: Thai Massage Play Date. Our students have had so much fun on these training days and have requested a play date, where we can really explore some new techniques and adaptations. Lucy will be teaching and will show a few of the more unusual techniques of Thai Massage and you will have plenty of time to practise these and explore how they can integrate into your treatments an wow your clients.

Saturday 10th July 2021 (trained therapists only): Two for One! – Adapting for Pregnancy. This is a little more grounded and specific. We can’t be too careful with our pregnant client so you’ll be getting specialist information about how to safely adapt your treatment for a two-for-one! Or 3 for one? Steady on – stop right there! You’ll need to have a qualification to register for this training day. It is suitable for Massage, Shiatsu, or Thai Massage therapists. It is a standalone training day and also it forms the introduction to the specialist pregnancy training coming in the Autumn 2021. You’ll be qualified to treat the 3 for 1 if you continue to the full training. (If the numbers are confusing you, I’m talking twins)! Read more about it here:

Saturday 3rd July 2021: Table Thai – Loftier realms: for the horizontally challenged, let’s take things a step higher, up onto the massage couch. Will we be bringing oil to Thai massage? Or will we be bringing Thai to the oil massage? Let’s explore the best of both worlds, so which ever one you come from, we’ll be meeting in the middle. But there’s nothing mediocre about this – Let’s get dynamic – stretch to impress!

  • Cost: £195 for three days
  • Individual days £75 per day
  • All enquiries welcome  

Recent Posts

Emerging into Spring

At last spring has come and across all our different cultures and traditions similar themes arise as it brings hope. We celebrate renewal of the green, and re-emergence of all creatures great and small after the winter of lockdown and hibernation. From worms and frogs to caterpillars and……massage therapists!

In Impossible Darkness

Do you know how the caterpillar turns?

Do you remember what happens inside a cocoon?

You liquefy.

There in the thick black of your self-spun womb, void as the moon before waxing, you melt (as Christ did for three days in the tomb) conceiving in impossible darkness the sheer inevitability of wings

by Kim Rosen

We have plenty of reason to celebrate spring here at Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training Scotland (STMTS). Firstly, we therapists sharing the space are able to return to close contact services and THE DIARY IS OPEN! Also Ruth, Lesley and I are pleased to welcome our colleague Freya of Rowan Therapies to the team of therapists in residence, she will be working on Thursdays.

Secondly – just like schools throughout the world, STMTS has adapted to change and our students have responded with incredible resilience. This year’s TYM Diploma cohort had only two weekends in person training before transferring to Zoom but all through

the winter they have hung on with open hearts and determination, and with the generosity of their family members giving themselves up for endless massages (!) the students have made it through! I am so delighted and amazed at their professionalism. Watch this space there is a group of amazing therapists just about to hit the market!

…even our school mascot Frankie was on duty for the observed assessments! Along with tutors Lesley and me, and our dedicated assistant who has nipped out for a second….

FHT Accreditation

Last year we gave ourselves a big pat on the back for becoming an accredited training provider with Federation of Holistic Therapists. This year I am pleased to be invited to represent STMTS and Well Mother with a specialist Pregnancy Massage workshop at the Virtual Congress. I had a blast making the video during lockdown and my past history as a performer and digital film maker came in handy! You can see the end product (edited in iMovie with great sophistication) in June at FHT Virtual Congress

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Here’s wishing you renewed strength and vitality this spring season, and asking for two more things from you, if you are able:
1. Be kind to each other
2. Be part of the Solution.

Lucy Trend 05/04/21

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