Well Mother Pregnancy & Birth Courses

Well Mother Pregnancy & Birth Courses 


Shiatsu Skills for Pregnancy Massage

Welcome to Well Mother. We offer courses for Massage and Shiatsu practitioners and also for Midwives, doulas and others who work with pregnant women. We offer massage and Shiatsu for everyone, although we specialise in the maternity period. Well Mother was originally started in Bristol by Suzanne Yates. I began my studies with her in 2004 and now that Suzanne is busy teaching all over the world she has trained me up as Well Mother teacher for Scotland and the North of England. I offer courses in Glasgow, and Suzanne comes up to Scotland from time to time to teach certain training courses.

Massage for Pregnancy – for course details click here

Shiatsu for Birth Professionals – for course details click here

Abdominal Massage for Fertility, Detox & Digestion – for course details click here

About Well Mother Courses: our courses will not only help you to develop your work with maternity clients but you will also find that our approach to massage enhances your work with all  your clients. Many people also find the courses are a powerful healing process for themselves.  The time we all spend in our mother’s womb and our experience of birth and our early childhood forms the base of experience for the rest of our lives. Understanding the impact of this time is fundamental to understanding how we are in the present.

The course book is “Pregnancy and Childbirth: an holistic approach to massage and bodywork” written by Suzanne Yates.

Although we include some shiatsu-based skills within our courses, no prior shiatsu knowledge is required to join. If you would like to learn more about shiatsu to integrate into your work you might consider our Shiatsu and maternity care course in Glasgow

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Touching the Earth

‘The harvest moon has come,
Booming softly through heaven, like a bassoon.
And the earth replies all night, like a deep drum…’ 
~ Ted Hughes, ‘Harvest Moon’

In the Chinese five element theory late summer is the season of Earth element, which represents ‘manifestation’. In the turning of the seasons plants grow from seed in winter, to sprout in spring, to flower in summer and finally in late summer growth comes to fruition and we have our harvest, both of crops and of fruits & nuts of the tress and hedgerow.

Likewise with our day to day lives, the completion of the process of creativity is the manifestation of the final product. And within ourselves; the mind, emotions and spirit exist because they are manifest in the living, physical body.

I teach my students how to touch without causing pain or flinching, by first exploring how to crawl softly on the floor, leaning bodyweight on the Earth, discovering how it is that gravity keeps us connected to the Earth. We transfer this understanding to our technique; leaning on our client, their body becomes our Earth, our support and we relax into this. This is the mechanism by which Shiatsu and Thai Massage allows both giver and receiver to feel more deeply in touch with the body and the Earth, to feel more grounded and supported, to feel more ourselves and how we are manifest.
by Lucy Trend. 10th September 2020.

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