Wellmama Holistic Doula Training

wellmama logoThe WellMama Holistic Doula Training is a four day experiential and immersive journey, with pre and post training requirements, designed to offer you a holistic understanding of pregnancy and birth, and to prepare you for your work as a WellMama Doula. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to begin your doula journey – from supporting a woman in conception and pregnancy, to helping her plan her birth, and accompanying her and her birth partner through labour, birth and beyond

Who is a WellMama Doula?

Simply, we are women, holding space for a pregnant, birthing or breastfeeding woman, to find her own path and way of balance, healing and beauty. We honour being as much as doing and practice trusting and surrendering to the awesome and mysterious power of Birth.

What will I receive from the training?

Before the training you will:

Explore your motivation for becoming a doula, and begin to research the journey of the Childbearing Year.

During the training you will:

Discover the confidence and intuitive ability to offer presence and support to a mother and her family during pregnancy, labour and birth.

Explore conception, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the BabyMoon, Holistic Approaches to the Childbearing Year

Embody the skills and knowledge you have learnt and attend and assist at a birth preparation class, as part of the course.

After the training you will:

Benefit from a period of mentoring and engage in reflective self-practice as a way of deepening your skills and clarifying the learning process.

Have the opportunity to continue to learn and develop as part of the WellMama community and benefit from being a part of the support network of WellMama Doulas.

23rd – 26th October 2019       £475.00

Venue: Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training,
Fifth floor, Standard Buildings, 94 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6PH

For more info on the course content and teaching approach, please email Samara Hawthorn: samarahawthorn@gmail.com

To reserve your place or express interest Contact: Lucy Trend on 07989478320 or lucytrend(at)shiatsu-glasgow.co.uk (it’s written like this (at) to prevent spam, but just write it like an ordinary email address please)

Whether you’ve always dreamed about supporting women during this sacred time in their lives, or if you’re interested in deepening your knowledge and experience around pregnancy and birth, this training offers an understanding of natural physiological birth, as well as current medical care. We explore the work of a doula supporting the mother and baby throughout the child-bearing year…. Join Us!

The WellMama Holistic Doula Training is a transformational journey, providing you with a strong grounding in compassionate childbirth practices. You will discover the confidence and intuitive ability to offer presence and support to a mother and her family during pregnancy, labour, birth and the “babymoon”.

We journey together through the concepts of conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy, the basic needs of a woman in labour, beautiful birth, bountiful breastfeeding and the babymoon.

We look within to rediscover the memories of our grandmothers’ birthing wisdom and the wisdom of our own hearts, as well as examining contemporary holistic practices and western medical approaches.

Compassionate Touch through Shiatsu massage is introduced as an effective tool for connection and wellbeing with mothers, babies and their families.

You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion. To qualify as a WellMama Doula you will then need to complete six birth-related case studies.

wellmama logo

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