COVID-19: Information for clients

staying safe for everyone

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is still present in the community and we all need to work together to limit the spread. The virus is transmitted via droplets which we breathe out, and so staying 2 metres away from other people (so these droplets fall to the ground) is really important, along with frequently washing our hands and not touching our faces. Although anyone with symptoms is advised to self-isolate, it is possible to have the virus and have no symptoms – so the safest approach is to act as if we are all infectious. 

We are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission but it is important to be aware that it is impossible to reduce the risk to zero. It’s really important to make sure that face to face treatment is the right option for you, and remote video appointments are available where this is more appropriate – we can discuss what the best option for your circumstances is, and make sure that you are happy to proceed. 

How we protect you:

During a shiatsu, thai or any massage appointment, you will be physically close to your therapist for a prolonged period of time, so we have measures in place to help prevent infection following Health Protection Scotland guidelines: 

• Before your appointment 

You will receive an email reminder 48 hours beforehand and we request that you respond to confirm you are symptom-free and happy to come in

If possible your case history will be taken over the phone or via video to reduce the time spent in clinic 

We ask you to arrive on time (not early) for your appointment so that the space will have been fully aired for the recommended 30 minutes.

Your therapist will be wearing a face covering and clean clothes

Your therapist will give you clear instructions of what is required to keep everyone safe whilst you are on the premises.

• Before each treatment 

All door handles on 5th floor, to premises and toilet will be disinfected 

The treatment room will be disinfected 

There will be at least a 30 minute gap between appointments where the treatment room will be aired and sanitised each time. This is why it is important not to arrive early, as there is no place to wait. Seating outside the room will not be available

How you protect us:

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, new continuous cough or altered taste/smell) then please do not come in to the clinic, please cancel your appointment and consult for advice.

If you have had close contact with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or who has had a positive COVID-19 test, please do not come in to the clinic and consult for advice.

Please note there will be no cancellation fee in these circumstances, no matter how short notice. But please do cancel your appointment online and/or let us know so we can cancel for you.

You will be asked to sanitise your hands immediately when you arrive before you touch anything. Please avoid opening doors yourself, allow your therapist to open doors for you. You will be shown where to change, sit and leave your belongings. This is so that we can be sure to sanitise the space adequately between appointments.

You will be asked to wear a mask unless you are medically exempt. Please bring your own. Your therapist may be able to supply you with one if you forget but this is not guaranteed.

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms within 48 hours after your appointment, please notify your therapist straight away as they may need to self-isolate to keep other patients safe. 

As well as these measures, we are personally following the government distancing guidelines and choosing travel options carefully, cycling wherever possible. 


Please note that in the unlikely event your therapist develops COVID-19, they must by law pass on the names and contact details of clients they have seen in the infectious period to the Test and Protect programme if asked. Rest assured no medical details will be passed on, and your therapist will personally contact you as soon as they discover they have symptoms or a positive test. 

If you would like to discuss any of these measures further or talk about whether you should come in for treatment, please call your therapist for a chat. Our aim is for you to feel comfortable and confident about making the best decision for your situation. 

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