Welcome to the first and last, that time where the old is finished but the new has not yet begun, and time stands still.

This time is the darkest time, just before the dawning of a brand new year.…The pendulum has reached a hiatus, and appears motionless. But from within the stillness the energy gathers for the next swing, bringing into being a new moment, and the momentum for the next one, and another again. Always, everything ends, and as one moment ends, a new one is coming into being. Lucy Trend 31/12/20

Image by @asjaboros

We are delighted to announce that there have been no cases of Covid 19 associated with our premises. Ours and our clients’ vigilance has paid off, and despite being a ‘close contact retail service’, and having four therapists working from the studio, together we have successfully protected one another from the virus.

We were able to continue face to face sessions and teaching, up to level 4, since when we have transferred to online. This season we are featuring Mini Thai Massage Workshops for everyone. Learning from home via Zoom is more manageable in small chunks, so these half day courses have been popular, both with our students and the members of their households! The mini courses are great for beginners and therapists alike. In particular our professional students are keeping their business lively through these ever changing times by being able to offer new therapy experiences to clients and keep them interested and coming back after each closure!

Read on for what more of what we have in store for your winter delight……

A Mini world of Calm on the windowsill
Mindfulness with Lucy Trend:
The free weekly Mini Mindfulness session, Be at One continues every week with Lucy Trend and has been very popular. Please do drop in to join us on Facebook Live at 1pm on Wednesdays. On Wednesday 30th December we will have a chance to check in with ourselves and reflect deeply within to see what we may need in our lives right now.
Have you been considering a New Years Resolution? Perhaps making mindfulness a regular part of your life? Join Lucy for a FREE introduction to Mindfulness Based Living Course. Come along and experience a mindfulness exercise, find out what the course is about, with no commitment expected – no strings attached. Tuesday 2nd February 6.30-8.30pm. And if you like the experience you can sign up for the Mindfulness Based Living Course: An 8 week Zoom class, starts Tuesday 9th Feb at 6.30-8.30pm
Click for more on the Mindfulness sessions
Register for Mini Thai Workshops here
Mini Thai Massage Workshops for Everyone:
Level 4 restrictions mean we have to do this online for the foreseeable. Here’s how – Grab a volunteer body from your household, grab a device to stream a ZOOM and boomski, off we go! Both of you can be learning, or just one of you. There is time to swap places so that you can practise on each other (please register both people) OR it can be just you learning and your flatmate or family member gets the benefit from experiencing all those wonderful techniques! (In this case no need for them to register – just you).
Register for Mini Thai Workshops here
  • Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage Sat 16th January 2021 10.00-13:00
  • Thai Facial Massage Sat 23rd January 2021 10.00-13.00
  • Thai Yoga Massage for Beloved Friends Sat 13th February 2021 2pm-5pm
  • Thai Foot Massage Saturday 20th March 2021 2pm-5pm

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