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Appointments with Lucy Trend are available on Wednesdays and Fridays

Latest government guidelines mean we can now open bookings for treatments and training courses. We’ve created a safe environment and set up the required hygiene protocols, please see all our COVID-19: Information for clients and students here

One to one appointments and trainings are still possible online for those who may still need to self isolate read on for further information below.

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Shiatsu  & Thai Massage Training Scotland, Standard Buildings, 94 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6PH (click here to see on Map)

One to One Online sessions can take two forms:

  1. Online in person session which involves a personalised consultation to suit your needs. Techniques used draw from – guided self Shiatsu or Thai Massage techniques incorporating Acupoints, Meridian stretching, Mindfulness, breathwork or guided visualisation PLUS further self care care recommendations, which can be emailed to you with any useful links etc. Please book as normal and select the option “Online Consututation”. We use Zoom platform but can also use other platforms if necessary.
  2. Distance Shiatsu Healing Session. For this you make the appointment as usual but we won’t have phone or video contact during the session because you are resting and receiving and the therapist is doing the Shiatsu diagnosis, and treatment, followed by assessment. You will be contacted for a brief consultation beforehand, where you receive instructions and will give a summary of your needs for the session. Afterwards the therapist will send observations from the session and any useful recommendations and information for you. Please book as normal and select the option “Online Consultation”.

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May you Be Well…. May you Be Safe…. May you live with Ease….

Lucy TrendLucy Trend

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Spring News 2022

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
Drives my green age; that blasts the roots of trees
Is my destroyer.
And I am dumb to tell the crooked rose
My youth is bent by the same wintry fever.

Dylan Thomas

On first glance this poem speaks of youth, hope and strength, a force for growth, like the arrival of spring, energising nature to re-emerge after winter. The poem expresses how this insistence toward growth may sometimes be matched with a resistance, or a sense of being stuck. When this arises, gently orienting towards yielding and flexibility allows the path toward growth to unfold and be revealed in it’s own time.

Springtime energy needs to flow, to get moving after the winter of stillness, and this may cause us to feel stiffness or tension in our bodies more keenly. Or, we may be inspired to take positive, renewing action in our life, but feel blocked, uncertain how to follow through. We can then experience frustration or fatigue in the face of these difficulties that seem to hold back progress.

This is the energy of the liver and gall bladder meridians in Shiatsu. Spring is the time to promote the smooth flowing of these powerfully creative and decisive energies. Gentle stretching, flexibility of mind, and opening of the heart can help. Eastern bodywork such as Shiatsu and Thai Massage include stretches and acupressure, which help to promote ease and flow, and bring us back to our natural inclination to growth and renewal in this season.

Lucy Trend 08/03/22

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