Thai Yoga Massage Skills for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers, and trainee teachers, join Lucy Trend with Marta Cryz-Cameron to learn about how touch works and how to use your own body and energy sensitively to hold safe space for your students, so that they may experience balance and flow in their minds and bodies more deeply through your touch.

Sunday 4th September 10am-12.30pm and 2.30-5pm Cost £85 at Merchant City Yoga, Glasgow

This course is designed especially for yoga teachers to learn simple, safe and sensitive touch skills to integrate into their classes. 

It is a stand alone CPD training day. No prior training in massage of any kind is required. It is also a good introduction fro anyone who is curious about our

Taught by Lucy Trend with Marta Czyz-Cameron who is a yoga teacher who graduated from our TYM Diploma course in 2018. We are delighted that this year this course is hosted by Merchant City Yoga where Marta trained as a yoga teacher.

Further enquiries welcome (form below).

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