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Welcome to the wonderful world of Shiatsu and Thai Massage. My name is Lucy Trend and I run Shiatsu & Thai Massage Training Scotland in the City Centre of Glasgow, Scotland.

I’m a registered practitioner and teacher of Shiatsu and traditional Thai Massage therapies. I offer in person and online treatments, and also Classes, Workshops, and Training Courses from beginner to professional level. I am also a trained Mindfulness teacher and a doula and pregnancy specialist. If you are looking for well-being services for your workplace please enquire, I have a team of therapists and trainers and am happy to tailor to your business or event needs.

And If you’re not sure what you are looking for, please have a browse around this site and I hope you will find something to interest you!

Covid 19 Virus: for updates on whether we are open, closed, or online Click here to see our information page. Regardless of whether we are open or closed, appointments will now always be available online for those who may still need to self isolate. (Please enquire).

May you Be Well…. May you Be Safe…. May you live with Ease…. 

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“A fantastically comprehensive treatment, it was great” Tim Booth (lead singer of James)

“Shiatsu has helped me so much. My neck pain is gone, I’m more relaxed and able to cope with life, and I feel  myself again!” Andrew, Glasgow


* Now ALL available with online attendance options so that nobody who needs to unexpectedly isolate will miss out

Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Training next course starts 9th October 2021

Be at One – 30 mins Mini Mindfulness Session every Wednesday lunchtime

Free Introduction to Mindfulness Based Living Online Course – 7-9.00pm Thursday 4th March 2021

Mindfulness Based Living Online Course – 8 weekly sessions 7-9.00pm 11th March – Thursday 29th April 2021

Mini Thai Foot Massage course.  Saturday 20th March 2021 2pm-5pm

Massage for Pregnancy One Day Course: Thursday 25th March 2021

Massage for Pregnancy Four Day Course: 25th-28th March 2021

Onsite Seated Acupressure Massage  Tuesdays 20th & 27th April 2021 10am-5pm

Thai Foot Massage Certificate Course: begins Tuesday 8th and continues Tuesday 15th June 2021 10:00-16:45 (2 day course )

Mini Thai Massage Intro Course  – Sat 4th Sept 10-13.00pm

“ I absolutely loved the Advanced Thai Yoga Massage course. I now feel more confident than before and the delivery of my technique has improved so much because of it. My clients have noticed a huge difference since attending Lucy’s training and their feedback has been very positive, which now means I have more clients from recommendations. Lucy is an excellent tutor and makes learning easy ” Scott Robertson, February 2017

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Snowdrop Day

It’s a little late to be posting this really, I saw my first snowdrops 10 days ago, but having spoken to a friend who is sad just now, and patiently but painfully awaiting a little lightness of being, I felt moved to share it here again. It’s timely too, as yesterday was the new moon in Aquarius, heralding the shift from the Age of Pisces, nebulous and mutable, to the presence, grounding and connection of the Age of Aquarius. And if that’s not enough it’s also Chinese New Year! By this model we are beginning the Year of the Ox, symbolic of hardworking attitudes. Tibetan New Year, Losar, is also celebrated on the same day. So here’s to all things new, grounded in the Earth, yielding shoots of renewal ready for the necessary work of our lives ahead.

Snow Drop Day in Glasgow

Lucy Trend 23/1/2015

Today is Snowdrop day. It’s the day when I see my first snowdrops of the year and my heart jumps a little jig of delight at these tiny white drops of hope, announcing the dark days are over, it’s time to think about new beginnings, soon fresh energy will be springing up. It’s a beautiful time of year, a time to rejoice in the miracle of life.

Ancient festivals have stuck fast at this season, evolving through time with changing religions and spiritual beliefs. The festival of St Bride, the patron saint of Midwives, is a combination of the Christian festival of Candlemas, and the fire festival of Imbolc, of the pagan tradition. This celebrates the ewe’s milk coming (‘oimelc’), as early lambs are about to be born into an uncertain future, will they survive if the season is harsh, will they perish in the snow? And Candlemas holds a similarly uncertain future for the lambs, stemming from the Law of Moses, a ritual purification of the new mother at the temple, 40 days after childbirth, offering a sacrifice of a lamb as thanksgiving for new life, or more modestly in the case of Mary and Joseph, a pair of doves.

For some, the returning of the light is not joyful and rebirth is hard to see. As the days become lighter our inner shadows may seem deeper, the darkness within felt more harshly, stubborn and unyielding to external signs of hope. Patience is required; deep, slow nurturing, and drawing on our reserves of faith, that the light within will return. It is important that the beautiful stillness of Winter does not become stagnation, we must try to look to the future, be flexible and open to the shifting energies of nature. Likewise, frail lives, knowing deep down that their reserves are almost empty, have held on through the long winter, and seeing the light returning, find strength to let go of their struggle and slip away. This is the cycle of life. We each have our place on that wheel, the big wheel that keeps on turning.

So, now that the snow has trampled the last surviving undergrowth revealing the bare bones of the landscape, we have an opportunity to see our own lives laid bare, stripped down to the underlying structure. Now is a time tor considering plans for the future. We don’t have long if we want to catch the wave of growing energy that lies ahead! Snowdrops were pushing up under that snow, and now it as melted, there is no longer any doubt. Spring is coming!

Lucy Trend written 23/1/2015 posted here on 12/2/21

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