How can we help?

I’m keen to give something a try to address pain/ache/injury/stress/sleep/general wellbeing. Is it best to book Shiatsu or Thai massage?

This is the most common question asked! The short answer is that the therapies are quite similar in many ways yet each one is unique, and often it comes down to individual preferences of what a person enjoys most! It could be that Thai attracts you because it is a longer session, very dynamic, and maybe you have an interest in the stretches for improving flexibility. Or it could be that Shiatsu attracts you because it is more Zen in style, yet still dynamic, and just an hour long.

How many sessions will I need? Depending on the problem it takes between one to four weekly sessions to see a noticeable improvement in wellbeing. Homecare lifestyle tips are offered to help with self management in between sessions, and ongoing self care. Once the symptoms are resolved many people continue with a fortnightly or monthly session as a preventive measure, or part of lifestyle management.

I’d like to attend a course, do I need to have any prior qualifications? All courses are suitable for complete beginners unless otherwise specified, so come along and give it a try! Some of our courses are accredited with FHT as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for professional therapists but if you”re a beginner don’t worry about keeping up – many therapists are completely new to the unique way of working in the traditional Eastern style so beginners and professionals tend to keep up on a par with each other.

Our Thai Yoga Massage Diploma course is particularly popular with complete beginners, Yoga or fitness teachers, and also professionals who have trained in Western style of massage or beauty therapy. If you have an existing qualification you may have less homework to do, as there could be some crossover with your existing training, for example, Anatomy and Physiology. We will take a look at your certificates when you register and let you know!