Mini Workshops for everyone

Thai Massage for everyone – Mini Thai Courses

Update! If you are self isolating please join us online!

We have set up resources for live online attendance. 

Here is a wonderful opportunity for a taster training of this very special dynamic healing art from Thailand.


Come along and learn how to give a relaxing Thai Yoga massage to bring ease to the mind and body, both for the giver and the receiver! We begin with a short yoga and meditation warm up to get us in the mindset for relaxing touch. Then you’ll be ready to learn some techniques, including some Thai Yoga moves, that will benefit your family and friends, or for professionals to include in your massage routines. These half day workshops are fun and accessible, fully clothed, no previous experience necessary, and you don’t need to be super fit, just agile enough to kneel on at floor level. Come with a friend or on your own, relax and enjoy!

Upcoming Courses:

MINI THAI at SHANTI! Lucy is very pleased to be back at Shanti Yoga with Sasha for another in our series of Mini Thai Massage Workshops. This time we’ll be getting more dynamic, with some nifty moves using our feet to rock the tension out of hips and shoulders and some awesome neck stretches. So simple. So effective. And surprisingly good fun! Saturday 4th April 2020 14:00-16:30 with Lucy Trend & Sasha Ezzi Irani Cost £25 per person at Shanti Yoga Glasgow, 20 Sandyford Street, Yorkhill, Glasgow, G3 8QJ  Book this course

NEW! ***MINI ABDOMINAL MASSAGE for detox*** Saturday 11th July 2020 10.00-13:00 Come along to our home base and learn to sensitise your touch to this rewarding work. There will be some gems for therapists to incorporate into your massages, or for beginners these skills can be used to benefit friends and family. These techniques are aimed at reducing inflammation in the abdomen, particularly for promoting wellbeing in the digestive system, which will have related benefits for reproductive system and also for reducing bloating. We begin with gentle yoga for digestion as a warm up. Then we learn self massage to sensitise our touch in this area, followed by skills to incorporate into your professional massage, Held at Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training Scotland, 94 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 6PH. Lead by Lucy Trend. Cost £35 per person. Book this course 

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Seven Touches (which are permitted during lockdown)

Seven Touches (which are permitted during lockdown)

touch stone, touch strength
(boulder, building, pebble)
touch grass, touch gratitude
(hillside, garden, park)
touch blossom, touch blessing
(daffodill, primrose, gorse)
touch catkin, touch caress
(hazel, willow, birch)
touch tree trunk, touch time
(pine, rowan, oak)
touch water, touch witness
(burn, loch, kyle)
touch leaf, touch life
(hawthorn, sorrel, dock)

Alison Roe – coronapoem – Spring 2020, Scotland