Mini Thai Workshops for everyone

Update! When Glasgow is in level 4 lockdown courses are on Zoom. Otherwise courses are available both on Zoom and in person.  Therefore if you need to self isolate you can still attend the course with live interactive streaming on Zoom!

Mini Thai massage course – sitting position

Mini Thai Workshops – Thai Massage for everyone

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for a taster training of this very special dynamic healing art from Thailand.

Come along and learn how to give a relaxing Thai Yoga massage to bring ease to the mind and body, both for the giver and the receiver! We begin with a short yoga and meditation warm up to get us in the mindset for relaxing touch. Then you’ll be ready to learn some techniques, including some Thai Yoga moves, that will benefit your family and friends, or for professionals to include in your massage routines. These half day workshops are fun and accessible, fully clothed, no previous experience necessary, and you don’t need to be super fit, just agile enough to kneel on at floor level. Come with a friend or on your own, relax and enjoy!

Need to do this online? Here’s how – Grab a friend, grab a mask, grab a device to stream a ZOOM and we’ll do this safely – the same way I have been working in my clinic. You can both be learning, you swap places so that you can both practise the techniques and receive them (please register both people) or it can just you learn by yourself and your friend benefits from having you practise all those wonderful techniques on them (in this case no need for them to register – just you).

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Upcoming Courses:

ONLINE THAI FACIAL MASSAGE MINI COURSE Sat 23rd January 2021 10.00-13:00 Held on Zoom for your safety. Lead by Lucy Trend. Cost £35 per person. Book this course

This is an Online course via Zoom only. Come along and learn a relaxing Thai Facial massage to enhance the complexion, release tension in the face & neck, and ease the mind of both giver and the receiver! There will be some gems in here for therapists to incorporate into your massages. Also great for total beginners too, a fun and relaxing winter Mini Thai workshop, open to all! This half day workshop is accessible, fully clothed, no previous experience necessary.Relax and enjoy the practise on your own face, or on a lucky member of your household. Cost £35.Our Mini Thai courses are a wonderful opportunity for a taster training of this very special and dynamic healing art from Thailand. You will be sent the Zoom link and access code once registered.

MINI THAI MASSAGE WORKSHOP FOR BELOVED FRIENDS.  Saturday 13th February 2021 2pm-5pm Held online or in person and hosted by Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training Scotland. Lead by Lucy Trend. Cost £45 per person.

We’ll have a new selection of Thai Yoga Massage techniques for you and your beloved friend to learn and practise together. We’ll warm up with paired ‘yoga for two’, and then learn some great Thai massage techniques for the shoulders and upper back, including some Thai Yoga moves. This 3 hour workshop is fun and accessible, fully clothed, with no previous experience necessary. You don’t need to be super fit or a Yogi, just agile enough to kneel at floor level. Bring a friend(s) or loved one, or just come on your own to relax and enjoy! We’ll always have a spare friend available in the case of odd numbers in the class. Also ideal for those considering attending a longer training such as the TYM Diploma course starting in October 2021. Book this course

THAI FOOT MASSAGE MINI WORKSHOP Sat 20th March 2021 14.00-17:00 Held In Person and on Zoom. Lead by Lesley Lewis Cost £45 per person includes the Rosewood massage stick and a free pot of foot wax. Click here to book!

Come along for a wonderful opportunity to learn some authentic Thai Foot Massage techniques that you can use for friends and family. You’ll learn traditional massage techniques and stretches, Sen energy lines and how to use the rosewood massage stick on the pressure points. This Mini Thai course is great for those considering attending our Thai Foot Massage Certificate Course taking place in June 2021.

Book early to nab one of the 6 available in person places, but we also have limitless places available via Zoom! You will be sent the Zoom link and access code once registered. Booking now open click here!

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Touching the Earth

‘The harvest moon has come,
Booming softly through heaven, like a bassoon.
And the earth replies all night, like a deep drum…’ 
~ Ted Hughes, ‘Harvest Moon’

In the Chinese five element theory late summer is the season of Earth element, which represents ‘manifestation’. In the turning of the seasons plants grow from seed in winter, to sprout in spring, to flower in summer and finally in late summer growth comes to fruition and we have our harvest, both of crops and of fruits & nuts of the tress and hedgerow.

Likewise with our day to day lives, the completion of the process of creativity is the manifestation of the final product. And within ourselves; the mind, emotions and spirit exist because they are manifest in the living, physical body.

I teach my students how to touch without causing pain or flinching, by first exploring how to crawl softly on the floor, leaning bodyweight on the Earth, discovering how it is that gravity keeps us connected to the Earth. We transfer this understanding to our technique; leaning on our client, their body becomes our Earth, our support and we relax into this. This is the mechanism by which Shiatsu and Thai Massage allows both giver and receiver to feel more deeply in touch with the body and the Earth, to feel more grounded and supported, to feel more ourselves and how we are manifest.
by Lucy Trend. 10th September 2020.

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