Seven Touches (which are permitted during lockdown)

Seven Touches (which are permitted during lockdown)

touch stone, touch strength
(boulder, building, pebble)
touch grass, touch gratitude
(hillside, garden, park)
touch blossom, touch blessing
(daffodill, primrose, gorse)
touch catkin, touch caress
(hazel, willow, birch)
touch tree trunk, touch time
(pine, rowan, oak)
touch water, touch witness
(burn, loch, kyle)
touch leaf, touch life
(hawthorn, sorrel, dock)

Alison Roe – coronapoem – Spring 2020, Scotland

2 thoughts on “Seven Touches (which are permitted during lockdown)

  1. Lovely!

    Lucy, I don’t use the bt any more. Please use

    Lots of love and inspirations!

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