“I have had many massages, including in Thailand, and Lucy’s Thai Massage was the best I’ve had yet” David Chan, Glasgow

Traditional Thai therapies can help to:Thai Massage single knee to chest

• Reduce stiffness, improve flexibility and posture
• Improve circulation and toxin removal
• Assist the immune system and lymphatic drainage
• Promote restful sleep & clarity of mind 

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Traditional Thai Yoga massage is a dynamic healing art involving massage techniques, pressing, stretching, and passive manipulations that resemble the asana stretches of yoga. It is a truly rewarding experience which leaves you more supple, relaxed & in balance. The receiver wears loose clothing.  90 mins £69.50 or 2 hours £85 Lucy Trend

Thai Foot Massage involves pressing and massage of the feet and lower leg, and a rosewood stick is used to stimulate reflex points on the soles of the feet. It is a very popular  treatment for balancing the energy & is pleasantly restorative. 1 hour £48 

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Detox Massage) is a deep treatment that stems from ancient Taoist traditions. Focusing on the abdomen and the internal organs it can promote a sense of wellbeing and aid digestion, menstruation and fertility. 1 hour £48 

Thai Facial rejuvenation Massage using hot flower compress containing rose, chamomile and other flowers, this blissfully relaxing treat improves muscle tone of the face and benefits the complexion.  One hour (face, neck & décolleté) £48 

Thai Therapeutic Massage is a deep oil massage, incorporating pressure points & stretching techniques,  which tonify & release toxins from deep in the muscles.  1 hour £48

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage – by special request only Hand made herbal compresses are steam heated to release the aroma and properties of the herbs, such as Eucalyptus and lime leaf, frankincense resin and borneo camphor. Then they are patted, pressed, pounded and pummelled on the body.  A very tonifying and restoring treatment, adaptable for everyone, relieves muscular tension, deep bruising or torn muscles, good for respiratory ailments, water retention, fatigue, fertility, you name it! Just close your eyes, relax, and melt into a warming Thai reverie.  Treatments are 1 hour £55 or 90 mins £75.00 

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first newsletter of 2022

The Three Friends of Winter

The Three Friends of Winter are the Pine, the Bamboo and the Plum. They do not wither in winter, but endure, to remind us that all is not lost. Bamboo provides shelter, and soothing sounds in the breeze, pine provides welcome fragrance in the cold air, and soon the Plum Blossom joins in, it’s sweetness deepening with the illuminating touch of the winter sun, bringing to the eyes a splash of firey brightness in a sombre landscape.

I hope that deepest darkest winter finds you well now that the festivities have come to a close. My visiting friends have returned to England, having been pleased by the the beauty of the grey winter skies here, sometimes dark and dull, but many times reflective and bright, with endless variation of texture and colour. This is a time of year that always comes as a teacher to me, showing me how to temper my enthusiasm for New Years projects with the need to rest and dream, and allow plans to unfold gently into the growing light. Everything in it’s own time, waiting to bloom or germinate. Lucy Trend 10/01/22

“Wild winds never last all morning
and fierce rains never last all day.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


Join Lucy online for a free taster session with no expectation and no commitment required, just a chance to ‘suck it and see” and hopefully have some fun! And if you like it and the timing is right for you, the 8 weeks MBLC course starts the following week same time. It is both for beginners and for those who have previous experience of mindfulness and want to develop their practice. Learn More / Register Picture credit to @asjaboros

MINI THAI COURSE Sun 23rd Jan ‘22 Make your own Thai Hot Herbal Compress 10am-1pm Using the Compress 2pm-5pm Lead by Lucy Trend.

Aromatic herbs, are steamed to release soothing properties. Then they are patted, pressed, pounded and pummelled on the body. A very tonifying and restoring treatment, adaptable for everyone, relieves muscular tension, deep bruising or torn muscles, good for respiratory ailments, water retention, fatigue, you name it! With Lucy Trend. See a sneak preview on Youtube

MINI COURSE Sat 19th Feb ‘22 Thai massage for beloved friends Bring a special friend, a loved one, or just a work colleague who shares a passion for massage! You don’t need to be super fit or a Yogi, just agile enough to kneel at floor level. With Lucy Trend and Raheela Nisar
Learn more about our MINI COURSES and register

Staying Safe at STMTS

We are delighted to announce that there still have been no cases of Covid 19 associated with our premises. Ours, and our students and clients’ vigilance has paid off, together we have successfully protected one another from the virus. or to talk about important news. Online courses and consulations are available for those who need to isolate

Upcoming accredited and qualification courses:

Onsite Seated Acupressure Massage Wednesdays 23rd & 30th March 2021 10am-4.45pm

Massage for Pregnancy One Day Course: Thursday 7th April 2022

Massage for Pregnancy Four Day Course: Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th April 2022

Thai Foot Massage Certificate Course: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2022 10:00-16:45 (2 day course )

Thai Yoga Massage Professional Diploma Training next course runs 29th October 2022 to 11th March 2023

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